Pride in Dallas 2023

Stronger 2gether

Parade is on September 17, 2023 @ 2pm

We invite you to join us for an unforgettable celebration of Pride in Dallas! From September 11 to September 17, we will be hosting a weeklong celebration that culminates in our spectacular Pride parade.

Our vibrant community welcomes everyone to come and celebrate diversity, acceptance, and love. The events throughout the week will include fun-filled activities, inspirational speeches, and a celebration of love for the LGBTQ+ community. The main event, the Pride Parade, will be held on September 17th and will showcase our community’s unique spirit and energy. So, come and be a part of our community, show your support, and let’s celebrate Pride in Dallas together!

Our Story

Join us in celebrating our second year of Pride in Dallas. We will be hosting a week-long celebration of love with various events beginning on Monday, September 11, throughout Cedar Springs and Oaklawn.

The theme for this year is Strong 2gether. Stronger 2gether is a powerful message of unity and resilience. This year, we must unite even more. In the face of opposition and anti-LGBTQ+ bills that threaten the safety and rights of our drag queen and trans siblings, we refuse to be silenced. We believe that drag queens and trans rights are human rights, and demand equality and justice for all.

By marching in this parade, we make ourselves visible to the world and show that love knows no boundaries. Together, we are Stronger 2gether.

Our Mission

Pride in Dallas is a 100% volunteer-based organization and was formed through the overwhelming support of the local LGBTQ+ community.

Pride in Dallas serves to provide celebrations of LGBTQ+ Pride in the heart of the queer Dallas community. Our mission drives us to deepen the connection LGBTQ+ individuals have to the safe spaces that have cultivated and supported Pride celebrations since their inception, and facilitate events that inspire, educate, commemorate, and celebrate our diverse community.

A Week Long

Celebration of Love

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